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What's New In Bootstrap 5

3 years ago
Bootstrap Bootstrap 5 JQuery Frontend Framework

The use of bootstrap is the language used in designing web pages in a website. And you can easily design a web page. To further improve Bootstrap, the new version Bootstrap 5 Alpha is launched on 16 June 2020. Changes to Bootstrap 5 Alpha will be made until its beta version arrives.
Many things have been removed and many things have been improved in Bootstrap 5 Alpha.
The best change is in Bootstrap 5. It is a bootstrap icon that looks like a B shape on both sides.
Now let us see what has happened in the bootstrap.

1 - jQuery was removed - jQuery - has been using boot for 6 years. jQuery has become a very large and complete structure. Which should be used to add usage and trivial breaks to the library. Which is not used other than bootstrap. As we know that people are very fond of JavaScript in web development. And most of these modern frameworks work through virtual DOMs. jQuery is losing its popularity.

2 - Switch to Vanilla JavaScript - Vanilla has been added to JavaScript to provide a way to write efficient vanilla JavaScript code without adding functions. It used to be impossible to do jQuery alone.

3- Responsive font size - There have been many changes that have improved the font size in Demos and Advantage.

4 - Drop Internet Explorer 10 and 11 support - The reason for the removal was that Internet Explorer 10 and 11 took some time to compile the bootstrap file and fewer and fewer people use Internet Explorer 10 and 11.
used to like. And started liking other browsers more. As such Chrome and Firefox started using Safari etc. and removed Internet Explorer 10 and 11 due to some flaws.

5-Measure Gutter Width Unit - With the help of any unit px, em, rem, vh, css allows you to reduce the size or length of units. And px are used for complete units. And it is widely known. The viewing device's resolution DPI and it cannot change other sizes is not good for web design. Now Bootstrap will use RIM instead of 5px.

6 -Removed Card Deck - Bootstrap 5. The card deck has been removed. The Bootstrap team has stated that the new grid system provides more responsive control.

7 - Navbar customization - Bootstrap 5 removed the inline-block. And flex shorthand was used and the need for containers in Newars removed the brand margin and another black dropdown-menu has been added via the dropdown-menu-dark class.

8-Custom SVG Icon Library - A new SVG icon library carefully designed by Bootstrap co-founder Mark Otto. Furthermore, you no longer have to wait for the bootstrap 5 official launch to use it.

9 - Switching from Jekyll to Hugo - Switching from Jekyll to Hugo - In Bootstrap 5, switching from Jekyll to Hugo Hugo is described as a 'Fast and Flexible Stable Site Generator' and is created spf13 in GoFang which Used to make components easily. Website with easy navigation and websites. And it is written in the Go language which makes it fast and easy to use and is lightweight to configure. However, Hugo has a great integration with this popular web host. Compared to Jekyll, it can organize your content with any URL structure.

10 - Class Update - As you know Bootstrap 4 has more than 1,500 CSS classes. Now you will have some CSS classes in the new version Bootstrap 5 Alpha which will no longer be available in the new version. And some CSS classes that will be added. Some of the CSS classes removed according to the Github project tracking board are:  

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