Top 5 Online Learning Platforms

Top 5 Online Learning Platforms

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10 Jul 2020
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Online Learning Platforms Udemy Unacademy

Nowadays you will find many online learning platforms on the internet but we will tell you which of them will be the best online learning the platform, and these 5 platforms will be in your order so that you will understand which online learning platform will be best for you.

1. Udemy

I am placing Udemy at number one because I have done a web development course from this platform and my experience were very good.

Udemy is the global marketplace for learning and instruction.

Udemy is the best global marketplace for teaching and learning with over millions of students, 57,000 instructors, 150000+ courses in 65+ languages.


2. Linkedin learning

LinkedIn is one of the best online learning platform where you get to see 16000 free and paid courses.

On this platform you will find courses like Business, Career Development, Sales, Marketing etc.


3. Unacademy

Unacademy is India’s largest online learning platform where you get to see 14k+ Educators, 1.5k+ Daily live classes, 1M+ Video lessons with 60+ Exam categories.

On this platform, you can prepare exams like UPSC, Bank exams, IITJEE, SSC exams.


4. Coursera

Coursera is another online learning platform where you get certificates and degrees online from world-class universities and companies.

On this platform you will get to see courses like business analytics, graphic design, Python and more.

They provide 3900+ courses, 13+ professional certificates, 20+ degrees. You can choose from many options including free courses and university degrees.


5. Skillshare

On Skillshare you get all kinds of courses available such as animation, graphic design, marketing etc.

On this platform you get mostly related courses from your passion.


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