Top 10 Programming Language 2020

Top 10 Programming Language 2020

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13 Jul 2020
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What is Programming Language 

With the help of programming language, computers can give any instruction. And with the help of programming language, any computer program can be created.

List of Top Programing Language



3.Javascript / Node.Js Programming



6.Google Go Programming




10.R Programming

1.Python Programming

Python is a interpreted and high level Prograamming Languages.Which was made by Guido van Rossam in 1991.And syntax is rarely used in this language.To make a program from this language, very little code has to be written.And this language is much more popular this time. 

Salary for Python Developer

The Average salary of Python devloper

 ₹336k per year to ₹816,147k per year.

2. Java Programming

Java programming language is a powerful purpose programming language. and java is deemed programming language. Java is one of the best programming languages 

You can make a mobile app and desktop software with java programming languages. Java programming languages games run around 3 billion devices.

Salary of Java Devloper

The average salary of Java developer  ₹391,797 per year.

3. JavaScript / NodeJS Programming

JavaScript language is a client-side Programming Language. Node. Js developer can also use JavaScript language, as a server-side Programming Language. Nodejs Programming Language is most often used in web development. Nodejs one of the most popular language. Nodejs invented in 1995. More all browsers have support for Javascript programming .

Salary of javascript developer

The average salary of javascript developer ₹4.25 lakhs per year in India.


possibilities and many routes in c++ Programming  Language. It is going to pave the way for a successful future in programming for those who have extensive knowledge.

Almost every professional is familiar with c/c++_Programming Language today. Especially if you are coming from a Computer Science background.

Those with non-technical backgrounds have also heard of these Programming Languages.

Salary of C++ developer

The average salary of C++ developer ₹30 lakhs per year in India. 

5. PHP Programming

Zuckerburg developed Facebook using PHP, it became a trend. But that is not the only thing making it one of the top 5 Programming Languages.

Primarily, PHP is a without a doubt very fine language. Have you observed that almost all websites are using PHP?

With Web development on the rise, you can easily find small or big web development companies. But one big edge PHP Developers have over others in the programming field, PHP is very easy to understand.

Salary of PHP Developer

The average salary of a PHP Developer is $86,616.

6. Google Go Programming

Google Go Programming Language designed at Google. Go Programming Language offers cross-platform support which makes it efficient and convenient to use.

You will not find many programmers talking about Go but it’s demand in 2020 and in the future to come is going to increase.

Salary Of google Go Programmer

 The average salary of a Google Go developer is ₹7,01163.

7. Swift Programming

Swift programming is mainly used in iOS development. This Programming Language can be used easily in any interface because it is an open-source language. Apple devices have a huge demand in the market.

Due to which Swift Programming Language is also high in demand. In iOS application development, Swift is used more than Objective C. iPhone, iPad, Mac OS, TvOS depend highly on Swift programming.

Salary of iOS Developer

The average salary of iOS developer is ₹3.9 lakh per year.

8. C#

C# is a class based and object orientade programming language and general purpose language and multi programming language. And lexically scoped of c# programming language.

If you want to work in the Microsoft Development Environment, C# is the Programming Language for you.

You can make desktop app and mobile app etc. C# is one of the programming language designed for the common language infastructre (CLI) . Inventor of Microsoft corporation in 2002.

Salary of C# Developer

The average salary of a C# developer is $61,624 per year.

9. Scala

Programming Language that supports functional as well as to object-oriented programming, Scala is very popular. This feature of this Programming Language makes it more productive for programmers.

Java has an influence on Scala Programming Language. Scala Programming Language is considered rich in APIs.

Salary of Scala Developer

The average salary of an Scala Developer is ₹624k per year.

10. R Language 

R is more specific and its main focus is on statistical analysis. The future scope of R is bright when it comes to Programming Languages. It is used by Data Miners and since it is also open-source anyone can easily download and check the source code. Adding new features and fixing old bugs is also very simple and easy in R programming.

Its platform independence makes it usable on all the operating systems. It also allows integration with other Programming Languages such as C++.

Salary of R Developer

The average salary of R Language ₹4,79,396 per year. 

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