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Problems in education system Indian education system problems faced by education

Problems in Indian education system?  In India, the growth of our country is growing rapidly it depends on various factors and the actions of government. When we talk about Indian education there are several things which came in one individual mind .

In this article we will try to deal each and every problem in education system and also to provide solution of it in conclusion.

India not just relies upon normal assets, innovation and capital yet for the most part on the amount and nature of manpower. By nature of manpower, we mean the effectiveness and efficiency of work power.

The proficiency of the manpower relies upon numerous significant elements like wellbeing and nourishment, schooling and preparing, lodging offices, safe drinking water and sterilization.

But when we see all these qualities one thing plays an major role in each field i.e. Education. As we all know that a well educated manpower is the one who can accelerate the growth of economic development.


As we know that education is the key factor of development yet we know that it has many problems which hold the manpower smart and hard work for development. Some the specific problems in Indian education system are-


College, expert, and specialized training has gotten exorbitant in India. The expense design of specialized and expert organizations like IIM's is very high IIM's charge Rs.2 lakh for every semester for MBA classes. It is past the span of the average person. If this is not the problem in education system, the privatization of advanced education has prompted the development of benefit hungry business people.

 Presently a day's advanced education is a lot of exorbitant issues. It is quite difficult for middle class family to make their children future bright. And thus many of them cant afford it hence the students loose their dream to think big and to maker themselves independent.



The mechanism of guidance especially in science subjects is English. So rural students who are understudies who are not knowledgeable in English, cannot contemplate science appropriately in English. They endure a great deal Indian languages are still underdeveloped. Standard distributions are not accessible in Indian language. And thus, many students who completed their high school in Hindi language suffer from inferiority complex with others who are better speaker in English and most of them get into depression.


In India education means to learn and get marks it is not to implement in life. Till the student is in school he/she only think about to get marks and take any type of guidance from any source to get it and when they reach to college they can’t handle that pressure of learning and understanding by their own .and hence rote learning fails them to achieve what they want.

The schools should be urged to present theoretical realizing which dodges understudies to mug up the thing they are being instructed. While this will assist understudies with understanding the ideas better, they can likewise hold and apply them better.


Examining isn't passion in India. It's a race. A race for marks, race for getting into great universities, race for finding a new line of work. Our schooling framework essentially advances futile daily existence among our youngsters.

They need to peruse and mug-up the whole reading material with no comprehension of it. So an understudy who scores 90 out of 100 and starts things out really stays a rodent. Truth be told, guardians likewise play a significant in advancing futile way of life.


This point comes right into it after the culmination of your higher auxiliary instruction. This is the point at which you come to know it is not just about getting great imprints. Somebody with half of your imprints may improve school or work. Reservation framework goes about as a Silent Killer of India.

 And due this it also makes the hatred emotion between the students of different caste. It does not include the hard work of student who used his /her single moment to achieve it but did not get what they want because of caste reservation.


In a new overview, (66%) understudies announced that their folks compress them for better scholarly execution. The Psychologists recommend that understudies experience the ill effects of tension and horrible problem identifying with dread of assessment. In the count of the problem in Indian education system the dread factor is the motivation behind why understudies experience the ill effects of nervousness, melancholy, and the accompanying outcomes.

Likewise, the dread comes from the school as well as from guardians, who go to extraordinary levels to drive their kids into improving evaluations. Report recommends: – Ordinary, 6.23 understudies end it all because of the companion pressure, there should be something incorrectly that we are not arrangement.


Try not to pass judgment on a fish by its capacity to climb a tree said, Albert Einstein. Each understudy in India is decided by their presentation on a solitary piece of paper. Same subjects, same prospectus, and a similar test for each understudy independent of their advantage aggravate Indian Education System. And also in the list of problem in Indian education system, The one student who want to become engineer and the one who want to do arts has to learn the same thing with no choice and thus most of them since did not get any interest in it and loose their grades and thus it become difficult for them to achieve what they want and can do better than Indian education system each student is treated equally in terms of interest which make the race even harder for others who are not good in it.


 Yes here can be the Problems in Indian education system and any one can blame the education ministry but we are the only one who can change the system of education by getting into that position and do every needful steps which is betterment of every students who are like you.

In Indian education system it is necessary to add creativity interest in education system forcefully because creativity can make a great difference to express one’s opinion and thought and help to take decision. We only must Quit being specialist organizations as a country and begin turning out to be makers. Quit griping and begin acting.

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